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Organizing teams sports and games involving many players—like hockey, soccer, football, curling and doubles tennis—can be a challenge. It’s not always easy to get the right number of players together, and sometimes unexpected events (like bad weather or a lack of players) can throw a wrench in the works. Game On Or Not aims to make this easier.

How it works

  1. You, the organizer, and your friends sign up here. Sign-up takes just a few seconds and it’s free. No personal information beyond your email and a name or nickname.
  2. You create a New Game, and include things such as the address (automatically converted to driving directions), date and time, and any other helpful details—e.g., “Hey guys, we need two goalies, add a note if you can bring the equipment”.
  3. You share the game invite link with your friends via text message, WhatsApp, Signal group chat, or email.
  4. Players click the link to see the game details. If they want to play, they click “Join game”.
  5. As each player confirms his or her participation, you and the other players can see—in real-time!—how many people are confirmed to play.
  6. When the game has the minimum number of required players, it automatically flips to “Game On”. Everyone can see the game is happening.

Frequently-asked questions

Who developed Game On Or Not?
I did. My name is René Fournier. I’m a software developer living in Calgary. You can find details about me on my LinkedIn profile, professional website R2 Creative, gallery Atelier Fournier (I like to take pictures and make tiny films of various things), and Twitter.

What does Game On Or Not cost?
It’s free. For game organizers, there will be an an option to upgrade to Pro for organized games of eight or more players. (Pro games will include cool features that gamify the organizing and playing experience.) Each “Pro” game will cost about one Canadian dollar—or equivalent in your beloved currency—which should cover the meager cost of running the service.

Is there a thrilling origin story?
Yes, there is! It’s creator, me—father of three, husband of one wife and owner of a friendly Great Dane named Andersen—developed Game On Or Not to address my own disappointing experience of driving across the city to play football (soccer) with friends, say, Sunday evening, only to discover only a few people showed up—in spite of the fact that there are 90+ people in our WhatsApp group chat?! It’s just never clear how many will show up.

Thinking about the problem and talking to friends who play hockey or regularly go mountain biking with friends, I realized many of the same issues affect people playing other sports. Thinking about it a little more, I realized this problem could be solved by software. Et voilà! After some time and effort, Game On Or Not was born.

Got a suggestion for Game On Or Not?
I’d love to hear it! Tell me on Twitter.

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